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    Implanta corazones

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    Genera entusiasmo

    por una sociedad fuerte

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    Impulsa a la juventud

    para transformar a México


What is CorazónPaisano?

It is a NGO that contributes to the integral development of the communities where GrupoPaisano operates. By detecting primary population needs, establishes the adequate links with institutions, companies, government agencies and other NGOs.

CorazónPaisano identifies and proposes alternatives for the educational development of young talent involved in every Productive Project where we invest. This aims to incorporate this talent to the legally established companies that result from the closure of the project with GrupoPaisano. Consequently, companies will be successfully managed by the communities and their people.

The main objective is to preserve in these flourishing communities their culture, traditions and habits; preserve their food and construction methods –those traditional methods that provide safety, adequate thermic conditions, and attract potential tourism customers.

To fullfil the mission of “Manage alternatives and procure resources to boost integral development in the communities working with GrupoPaisano –after detecting communities’ needs- CorazónPaisano designs, generates and applies those alternatives to restore social structure through integral development.

These actions lead to the Vission of “Implant a solidary heart in every member of the farming communities in Mexico, and contribute to satisfy their needs”, this way, integral development is part of Mexican society as a whole by creating a collective awareness that works for faster, more decisive and long lasting solutions.



Manage alternatives and procure resources to boost integral development in the communities working with GrupoPaisano.


Implant a solidary heart in every member of the farming communities in Mexico, and contribute to satisfy their needs.


Contribute to an integral development of the communities where GrupoPaisano operates, by managing mechanisms and alternatives that bring solutions to the detected needs.


  • Integrity:
    Strenght and coherence among thoughts, words, actions and habits.
  • Solidaridarity:
    If my surroundings improve, I improve.
  • Generosity:
    The more you share, the more you receive.


The social companies created from the Social Impact Investment Funds of GrupoPaisano, in which farmers are partners, allow an integral development of the entire community; economical field, social welfare –supported by CorazónPaisano - human development and environmental preservation arises as a consequence of the intervention of the Group, and the coordinated and solidary work from the producers.




Mexico will continue to improve life conditions in farming communities of the country from a citizenship perspective with a new attitude, changing limited beliefs with a strong CorazónPaisano.

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Viaducto Miguel Alemán 228, PH
Col. Escandón, C.P. 11800
Deleg. Miguel Hidalgo, México
Ciudad de México.


Como Asociación Civil, CorazónPaisano (Paisa Crece A.C.) es sujeto de la transparencia y rendición de cuentas a través del cumplimiento de las disposiciones legales establecidas en las leyes fiscales y en la Ley Federal de Fomento a las Actividades realizadas por las Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil .